We are architects, engineers and expert working together to build a better future. We are Najarch.

We Advise, Design & Manage the future of construction for you.

Modern Office Guest Room - Najarch Office, Architect: Nazi Sadeghi, Najarch

You have a vision of the future, we are here to help you to visualize and achieve it. At Najarch, we offer architectural and engineering solutions that are tailored to your needs and goals. One of the top companies in the construction sector, with a team of passionate professionals who love delivering high-quality projects. Using the latest technologies, materials, and methods to improve productivity, sustainability, and competitiveness. We are more than just a company. We are a partner in building your dreams. Want to know more? Click below to read our full story.

Experience the Construction of Future with Najarch

We ensure that you experience difference and creativity in its true sense. No one can stop innovation, so it is better to adopt and embrace it than to defy it. By combining tradition and innovation we help you to achieve your goals and build the future and building you have envisioned.

Living Room Neo Design Architect: Nazi Sadeghi, Najarch

Our Services

If you are looking for a creative, innovative and robust solution altogether, we provide all of them under one roof.

Living Room Iran Mazidi, Architect: Nazi Sadeghi, Najarch

Architectural Design

Experience the joy of realizing your dream building, with creativity and innovation in an aesthetics and practical design here in Najarch.

Construction Management​

There are many ways to build, but not every methods are productive and economic. At Najarch we help you to do lean construction by using new methods and technologies.

Sustainability Consulting

Sustainability Consulting

At Najarch we research on Green building, Sustainability and Green tech to help you build a better place to make a better future for yourself, planet and everyone.

Our Projects

In Najarch we take our time to research, ideation, design to understand more and create better for You.

Luxury Reception Mall Design Architect: Nazi Sadeghi, Najarch
نما - طراحی مدرن - ویلا
Guest Room Neo Design Architect: Nazi Sadeghi, Najarch
Kitchen Modern Design Architect: Nazi Sadeghi, Najarch
Elevation Design Architect: Nazi Sadeghi, Najarch
Balcony Green Design Architect: Nazi Sadeghi, Najarch

Meet Us

It’s Us the Najarch team, entrepreneurs and engineers who seek to make an impact by helping you!

Alireza Shiasi

Founder, CEO, Construction Manager

Nazi Sadeghi

Founder, Architect, Design Manager

Sara Sharif

Engineer, Designer

What Our Clients & Partners Say​

We take pride in serving our clients & partners with the best practices. Here are what they say.

Certficate of appreciation from Shahid Beheshti University
Shahid Beheshti University

Innovative Architectural Design!

“The best unfolded design we ever see, the constest winner and one of the most innovative architectural design for the memorial of martyrdom in the Abbaspour Campus of our university.”

Abbaspour Pardis

Shahid Beheshti University

“A lean and agile team, we had a great time building together. They helped us even with problems that aren’t related to their jobs.”​

Reza Takavar – General Contractor

“Definitely, the most innovative design we had for our factory. We are looking forward to have partnership in construction implementation.”​

Dr. Zanjani – CEO, Pishro Metal Co.

“Mrs. Sadeghi and Mr. Shiasi are the best engineer and businesspeople I had worked with. They are creative and very practical when offer solutions.”​

Sara Zangeneh – Property Developer

Plan Your Vision of Future Building to be built and become true!

 We are more than just a company. We are a partner in building your dreams.

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