At Najarch, we provide a wide range of services to meet your architectural and engineering needs. Whether you need a design, a consultation, or a construction, we have the expertise and experience to deliver it. We work with you from the initial concept to the final completion, ensuring that your project is done according to your specifications, budget, and timeline.

Create Future With Us

We use the advanced technologies, materials, and methods to create innovative and sustainable solutions that benefit you, the environment, and society. No matter what type of project you have, we can help you turn it into reality. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.

Living Room 3 Iran Mazidi, Architect: Nazi Sadeghi, Najarch

Architectural Design

Experience the joy of realizing your dream building, with creativity and innovation in an aesthetics and practical design. Interior, Exterior, Landscaping and all you need to design a fully functional and aesthetic building and environment are here with us at Najarch.

Najarch Construction Management - Alireza Shiasi

Construction Management​

We are an architectural firm that can manage your construction project from start to finish. We deliver quality, time, and budget. We use the best technologies, software, and methods. We handle all the risks, issues, and challenges. With Najarch, your project is in good hands.

Sustainability Consulting

Sustainability Consulting

At Najarch we research and develop solutions that are eco-friendly and are low impact on environment. Around 20% of CO2 emission are from construction sector, we are here to make a better future to decrease this negative effect by providing innovative solutions.

Sustainability Consulting

Smart Home Design & Consulting

The world is changing as technology changes and knowledge expands our world also expands. We provide design & consulting solutions on Smart Homes development.

Plan Your Vision of Future Building to be built and become true!

 We are more than just a company. We are a partner in building your dreams.

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